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Condition Compliance

Mark Simmonds Planning Consultants Lincolnshire - Site by Marguerite Web Design LincolnshirePlanning conditions may be imposed on the grant of planning permission. before doing so local planning authorities have to consider whether otherwise unacceptable development could be made acceptable through the use of conditions

Planning conditions should only be imposed where they are:

  • necessary,
  • relevant to planning and
  • to the development to be permitted,
  • enforceable,
  • precise and
  • reasonable in all other respects

Mark Simmonds Planning Services can help assess the reasonableness of Conditions and advise on their lawfulness and suitability.

Discharge of Conditions

Some conditions applied to the grant of planning permission may be complied with during construction or before a development is completed and occupied. Some conditions have however to be fulfilled before work can commence and to fail to do so can render the development unlawful.

Mark Simmonds Planning Services can advise on what actions need to be taken and when to ensure that development is carried out lawfully and can prepare and complete the necessary work that will enable the condition to be discharged – typically through the submission of appropriate details, plans or reports – and will conduct the necessary negotiations with the public authorities to ensure that the details submitted are regarded as satisfactory so as to minimise the delay in the ability to implement the permitted development.


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