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Problem Solving

Mark Simmonds Planning Consultants Lincolnshire - Site by Marguerite Web Design LincolnshireAt Mark Simmonds Planning Services we believe firmly in being proactive and in seeking solutions to any planning problems that you may have encountered. From refusal of planning permission to being presented with enforcement action by the Council we can quickly analyse the problem and advise you on the best ways of overcoming the problem, always seeking a positive outcome. There will be no problem, however large or small, that we will not be able to look into for you and offer sound advice on the best way forward.

Stalled Applications

  • If your application has been in the system for a longer length of time than you anticipated then we can assess the situation and look at ways to move things on towards a planning permission, there may be simple issues to resolve and we will talk to the right people at the Council and make sure delays are minimised by providing the right information and documents and making sure that the Council has all the details it needs to make a decision. If this fails we will see if an appeal against non-determination is appropriate.

Refusals – overcoming refusals of planning permission

  • We are experts in analysing refusals of planning permission and finding solutions and overcoming the reasons for refusal so that a re-submission can swiftly move to a grant of planning permission. If the Local Planning Authority cannot be persuaded to grant permission then we will advise on lodging an appeal and can handle the whole appeal process for you.

Enforcement Issues

When the Local Planning Authority suspects that there has been a breach of planning control, a call from an Enforcement Officer may follow. In such circumstances Mark Simmonds Planning Services can provide independent, expert planning advice.

The Government’s advice to local planning authorities is that negotiation is the preferred route, with formal action to be used only as a last resort. Mark Simmonds Planning Services can assist and advise you in these negotiations, acting either on your behalf or advising you behind the scenes. If a formal planning application is all that is required to regularise the situation then Mark Simmonds Planning Services can collate, submit, and monitor the application for you on a straightforward, professional basis.

If negotiations fail, whether on a point of detail or a matter of principle, the Local Planning Authority will consider whether or not it is expedient and in the public interest to take formal enforcement action. Mark Simmonds Planning Services is well-versed in addressing all aspects of formal planning enforcement:

In all cases Mark Simmonds Planning Services can advise you on the implications of all forms of Enforcement Notice and, because we’re authorised to instruct legal counsel direct, we can also obtain expert legal advice on your behalf in a quick and cost-effective manner.


  • Mark Simmonds Planning Services will assess the implications of the conditions which have been imposed on your planning permission or which may be constraining your development. We will advise as to whether the conditions are reasonable and can make an application to change or remove the conditions or appeal against them if within the relevant timeframe.

Implementation issues

  • If you are struggling to implement a permission in time or need to prove to the Council that you have implemented an historical planning permission then we can investigate the matter and make the representations to the Council to ensure that implementation is carried out in time and confirmed. If there is not time to carry out implementation then we can advise on the best way to secure a new planning permission.



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