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Mark Simmonds Planning Services has a wide knowledge of planning policy and legislation at national, regional and local level which provides us with a substantial knowledge basis from which to identify suitable settlements and urban areas which are to be promoted for development.

Land Searches can be tailored to suit your individual needs as a landowner, investor or developer. Usually the Initial Assessment, dependent on the nature of your proposals, will determine an area of search and can then provide information including the following:

  • The physical characteristics of the area;
  • Local, regional and national planning policies applicable to current and future opportunities,
  • Considerations material to future development; and
  • Existing and potential land supply sites.

In addition, Mark Simmonds Planning Services can also assist in establishing land ownership details of surrounding land. This can help to avoid potential ransom situations where access to a site cannot be achieved without the inclusion of third party land. We can also provide supplementary information with additional research into a variety of issues such as:

  • What planning permission / conditions are on site and in the surrounding area or are pending determination;
  • Whether the highway fronting the property is public or privately maintained; and
  • If there are tree preservation orders or other statutorily defined designations affecting the site.

In all cases we offer a broad appreciation of the opportunities and constraints presented by strategic potential and development proposals, as well as the financial and environmental implications which are likely to arise. With this information available to you, your prospects of successfully planning development within an appropriate timeframe are greatly enhanced thereby providing you with the knowledge by which to promote opportunities more successfully.


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